.... Host Families .. Familias de Acogida ....

.... At Funlanguages Canada we are proud to share Ottawa with our students, making sure they are welcomed and their experience is memorable.

In order to guarantee an authentic and culturally rich stay, we offer home stay, choosing our host families on a one-on-one basis, without intermediaries or agencies. Each one is unique, yet all enthusiastically embrace and take care of their students. As the country itself, they are diverse, with unique customs, with or without children.

Students have a private room, with all meals included. They share the home with their family. We take into consideration their preferences, yet encourage them to be open to new ideas and to integrate and communicate with the family in order to participate in the language and culture.

For adults, we provide families with similar profiles, with a more independent focus.


En Funlanguages Canada nos sentimos orgullosos de compartir Ottawa con nuestros alumnos, y nos ocupamos de que se sientan bienvenidos y su experiencia sea memorable.

En nuestro empeño por garantizar una estancia culturalmente rica y auténtica, elegimos de forma personalizada la familia de acogida, sin intermediarios ni agencias. Nuestras familias son muy variadas, y todas viven la experiencia de acogida con mucho entusiasmo y cariño. Como el mismo país, son diversas, con diferentes costumbres y formas de ser, y con o sin niños. Todas desean compartir su hogar con el alumno.

El alumno dispone de habitación privada y alojamiento completo. Comparte la casa y convive con la familia. Tenemos en cuenta sus preferencias; no obstante, le animamos a abrirse a nuevas costumbres y a integrarse en su familia. Así podrá comunicarse y sentirse partícipe en el idioma y la cultura.

Para adultos disponemos de familias de un similar perfil, aunque enfocado en una estancia más independiente.




.... Hosting a Student

Each year our company brings to Ottawa a group of youth, mostly teens, but also older students. They come to better their English skills and learn about Canadian culture and lifestyle. Each student is billeted with a family that provides them with a loving and caring home. To date, we have had incredible family/student experiences.

We take pride in knowing all of our families personally, visiting with them and including them in our circle of friends.  To host a student, be it for a few weeks or over a year, is an important commitment  and includes sharing not only your home, but also your time. We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in this enriching, cultural experience, or if you know of a family that might be interested in joining our Funlanguages community!

Please contact us for more information regarding becoming a host family for Funlanguages Canada.